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McCallum Vargas Lopez MacDonald Advocacy Alliance delivers the three necessary assets to succeed in California's political landscape:

  1. 1Policy and political expertise
  2. 2Relationships
  3. 3Framing comprehensive strategies for success

The policy landscape in California is quickly changing as a new generation of legislators is ushered into Sacramento. K Street’s cutting edge comes from our adaptability to this new political environment. The California legislature is now dominated by allies whom our partners have worked with since the beginning of their political careers.

By aligning our established firms – McCallum Group and K Street Consultants – we have combined McCallum’s deep historical perspective and record of achieving long-term policy changes with the proactive, agile approach of K Street Consulting to offer clients a wide range of services and deep understanding of a diversity of issues.

We share friendships, values, and operating styles, and our clients win thanks to these close connections.   

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August 14, 2013

New Site Launched

Our new site has been launched! Let us know what you think!