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Independently we are known for getting to the heart of complicated, tough issues and delivering lasting policy solutions. Together, we bring a diversity of expertise and relationships, and a unique understanding of California’s dynamic political environment.

  • Patrick McCallum

    Patrick McCallum is described as “an amazing strategist with integrity and persistence.” With 30 years experience he is considered one of the most savvy, influential lobbyists in Sacramento representing industries including real estate, financial services and health care and the “go to” expert in higher education issues. He has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars and major policy shifts for higher education clients.

  • Mark MacDonald

    Mark MacDonald brings hands-on experience as a teacher in the classroom to his work representing education clients at the capitol. He has been working with and for community colleges and community college faculty for nearly a decade. He has also worked on behalf of clients in health care, financial services and contracting. He brings expertise in the workings of politics and policy development in areas such as student services, retirement, contracting, financial aid, and school safety.

  • Afrack Vargas

    Afrack Vargas is a Sacramento powerhouse. He brings nearly two decades of legislative, political, and campaign experience to the K Street team. He is respected for his vast and powerful network of relationships in Sacramento, and well-regarded for his prowess in mobilizing these relationships to win major political victories. Political and interpersonal intelligence is the hallmark of Mr. Vargas’s influence, and he has mentored many of the most prominent figures in the Capitol community. In addition to his political prowess, he brings a broad scope of policy knowledge through his work with public agency clients.

    Mr. Vargas has worked with school districts, firefighters, Native American tribes, energy, agricultural, and many other governmental and public agency clients. Since 2002, he has served as Director of Government Affairs for the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA), the state’s largest firefighter association. Afrack is also widely recognized for his prowess in representing Native American tribes in the state.

    Mr. Vargas blends policy and political expertise, and has managed successful field campaigns for powerful policy makers and initiatives, including Lou Correa, Gloria Negrete McLeod, Nell Soto, Alex Padilla, Tony Cardenas, statewide propositions and local school board and municipal races. He has developed and pioneered winning new strategies in ethnic community, ground campaign, and other public opinion outreach.

    Mr. Vargas is the co-founder of the California Latino Capitol Association (CLCA). He holds a BA in Political Science from California State University, Chico.

  • Pamela Lopez

    K Street Partner Pamela Lopez brings extensive experience in the legislative, political, and media arenas. She cut her teeth in education policy after she was recruited to represent school districts at a prominent corporate firm, and has represented many of California’s largest education agencies in state and federal affairs. She is widely recognized among lawmakers for her expertise in education policy and her prowess in policy messaging and strategy.

    At K Street, Ms. Lopez has represented clients across the arts and entertainment, energy, agriculture, and public agency sectors. She is respected by policy makers for her analytical and research skills, and appreciated by colleagues for her work to mentor talented young women and people of color who wish to start young in the tough arena of lobbying.

    Ms. Lopez has secured major victories in her work as an education advocate. She recently worked closely with the office of Governor Brown to advance sweeping policy changes that promote funding equity and direct resources to English Language Learners and students from low income families as well as increasing the power and autonomy of locally elected school boards and school district leaders. She previously led a state-wide coalition of more than thirty major education agencies to advance legislation to prevent the loss of state funds to charter schools.

    Ms. Lopez has held multiple legislative staff positions in the California State Senate, and began her work in politics by directing local campaigns and serving in key appointments in local government. She holds a BA, with high honors and high distinction, from the University of California, Berkeley, and is an alumna of the prestigious California Senate Fellows Program, which consistently ranks among the nation’s top graduate fellowships in politics and public policy. She is a PhD candidate in American Politics and Public Administration at American University. Her academic work addresses issues of representation and group identity in lawmaking.

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